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The Best Newborn Baby Gifts - The Crib

Whether you are welcoming a new baby to the family or celebrating the birth of a friend’s child, the birth of a baby is a momentous occasion. Showing up with a newborn baby gift that brings a smile and will be appreciated for a long time is so important. Buying a gift for a newborn baby requires some thought and can be overwhelming if you are not already a parent. So, here’s our guide for top tips to help you find the perfect baby gift along with our pick of the top 20 newborn baby gift ideas.

Top Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Gift

Check if there is a Baby Registry

This is the first thing that you should do and will make it super simple for you to choose a gift. A baby registry is a list of items the parents need or want for their newborn baby. By selecting an item from the list, you are getting exactly what the couple has selected according to their taste. Plus, items on the list usually range in pricing so you can choose an item that fits your budget.

Pitch in for a Bigger Gift

Larger baby essentials like a crib, stroller, or car seat are a great gift to get but are also pricey and a significant investment for parents. Help them out, ask friends or colleagues to pitch in, and get a bigger gift that the parents will truly appreciate.

Know the Gender: Is it a Girl, Boy, or Kept a Surprise

Always consider the gender of the baby when selecting a newborn baby gift. If the parents don’t know the gender of the baby, then opt for gender-neutral colors like white or grey.

What’s the Weather Like

Consider what time of the year the baby will be born. If the baby is due to arrive in the summer then they need lighter clothes and summer accessories like sunhats whereas if the baby is due in winter then warm, snuggly clothes are more suitable like sweaters or booties.

When in Doubt, Bigger is Better

Most people assume gifting a newborn size is the best option. The fact is that newborn sizes often don’t even last a couple of weeks! It’s better to give a bigger size that can become useful later on, from 6 months to 1 year.

Be Unique

A unique baby gift is sure to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Options can range from a customized keepsake to jewelry that can be the start of a family heirloom.

With these tips, you will be able to narrow down your gift ideas. For more inspiration here are the top gift ideas parents will truly appreciate.

Our Pick of the Top Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Clothes

There are never enough baby clothes for a newborn baby. I recommend opting for clothes made of natural materials that are gentle on a baby’s skin, like cotton or organic cotton is even better. Newborn baby clothes are super adorable but because babies mostly sleep in the first few months they are generally kept in baby sleepsuits. Baby girl clothes and baby boy clothes for a newborn are similar but to distinguish a baby girl from a baby boy you can get gender-specific outfits. For girls, there are so many adorable baby dresses, frilled rompers, or even printed leggings. For boys, there are cute rompers, shirt, and pant sets. Check out our collection by Vanya's Closet that has the most adorable handmade baby clothes made of cotton and linen blends. You can also get a cute pair of baby shoes but make sure they are soft-soled like the That Kid Cole shoes but go for sizes 6 months or even 1 year and bigger. Generally, babies do not need shoes in their first year and if parents do opt to put on shoes then it’s more for show.

Baby Bath and Skincare Products

You can gift a baby bath and skincare set that includes essentials like baby shampoo, baby conditioner, baby body wash, baby cream, and baby oil. A baby’s skin is very delicate so select a naturally made product that is chemical-free. Check out the Original Sprout Baby’s First Bath Kit or the Original Sprout Travel Trio as a good gift option.

Baby Blankets

A baby needs a blanket to keep warm regardless of the weather. The blanket can be used in a crib, stroller, or on the go. Again, I would opt for a baby blanket made of natural materials like cotton as it’s very likely that the blanket will touch the baby’s skin. Our collection of cotton baby blankets have a great variety to choose from as a newborn gift. My favorite baby blanket is the Done by Deer waffle blankets and the fun printed blankets by Lulujo.

Baby Furniture

Smaller and portable baby furniture are great gifts for new parents and are often not on their list but gladly welcomed. We have some great options that are truly unique pieces, such as the Olli Ella Lyra Moses Basket, Done by Deer Cozy Nest Plus, Olli Ella Nyla Changing Basket, Olli Ella Reva Changing Basket, or the Done by Deer Changing Pad.

Diaper Bag

Ask any mother, a good diaper bag can truly be a blessing since it is the one item that is always with a parent when on the go. A diaper bag has to be stylish, functional, spacious, durable, easy to clean and have enough compartments for the endless list of baby items to put in. You must be thinking does such a bag even exist? There are many great options out there but my all-time favorite brand is Skiphop as their bags tick all the boxes.

Milestone Books and Cards

Parents love to record their baby's special moments and milestones so why not give them a head start in creating a beautiful collection of memories with the Baby's First-Year Blanket and Card Set by Lulujo or the ABC Baby First-Year Album by Milestone.

Newborn Baby Toys

Do newborn babies play with toys? While newborn babies may not be able to hold toys just yet, they help in the baby’s development process. Many newborn baby toys can be gifted such as cuddle clothes, rattles, soothers, and teethers. Our favorite picks for the best baby toys are the Olli Ella Raya Rattle, A Little Lovely Company teething ring and toys, and My First Tikiri Ocean Buddies Set by Tikiri. You can browse our newborn baby toy collection (0-2 years) for more inspiration.

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry makes a great newborn baby gift and possibly even a potential family heirloom if you are gifting it to a close family member. If it’s a baby girl then personalized jewelry like earrings, a name necklace, or an engraved bracelet are a great choice.

Cot Mobile, Playmats, and Play Gyms

Cot mobiles, playmats, and play gyms make great gifts as they help with healthy brain development and stimulate a baby's senses. They also develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well as encourage freedom and movement.  Our collection of playmats have some great choices like the Trixie Activity Mat and the Done by Deer Activity Playmat. I also love the Play & Go Playmat and Storage Bag collection in Roadmap and Train for slightly older kids. They make for fun playmats and double up as storage bags to keep the room tidy or take it with you on the go.

Room Décor

Decorating a newborn baby’s nursery is so exciting for parents but they often focus on the essentials so getting them unique décor pieces can be a fun gifting idea. Gift options can include photo frames, baby room lighting, rugs, and creative storage solutions. Check out our nursery and room décor collection for inspiration on lighting, storage, and wall décor items. My favorite picks for gifts are the Lightbox from A Little Lovely Company the Storage Basket Set from Done by Deer, and the Flatout Rug which can also be used as a playmat.


Swaddling has been around for centuries and is an important part of caring for babies. Swaddling your baby makes them feel like they are still inside the womb or being snuggled. It also helps babies sleep better as they are less likely to startle themselves with their hand movements. The swaddle is a must-have baby essential that you can never have enough of and thus make a great newborn baby gift. Be sure to opt for a swaddle made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo, our entire collection offer naturally made swaddles in a variety of styles. We are in love with the swaddles by Lulujo as they offer a wide variety of fun prints to choose from. Another great option for a baby gift is the Lulujo Hello World Set that includes a matching bamboo hat and swaddles. It's perfect to introduce the baby to the world.  


Is there anything cuter than a baby snuggled in a towel right after a bath? Towels are on the list of baby essentials and make a great newborn baby gift. Again, we suggest getting a towel made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo, and one that is absorbent. Our towel collection has a variety of hooded towels, bathrobes, and wash clothes. You can opt for a matching set of towels and washcloths to gift. Our favorites from the collection are the animal-themed towels and washcloths by Trixie, and you can’t get any softer than the luxe bamboo towels by Malabar Baby. You can also personalize the towels with the baby’s name embroidered if you want to go the extra mile.

I hope that with our top tips and our carefully curated baby gift ideas for a newborn baby you will be able to find the perfect baby gift to celebrate the upcoming joyous occasion. If you are looking for a gift basket and not sure how to go about it, then email us at We would be delighted to put together the perfect gift hamper based on your requirements and budget.

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