Our Story

Our Story

Our story began when I first found out I was going to be a mother more than a decade ago. As with all new parents, I wanted to get the best for my child, so I naturally spent a lot of time researching. Two more children down the road, I am forever searching for unique items that are made of natural materials, uniquely crafted, and inspire curiosity in young minds. It gets trickier with my children in different age groups and having equally different interests, but I've learned a trick or two along the way.

My journey of what I found that worked with my children over the years, and new products that we just can't live without has been remarkable at every step and one that any mother would relate to. I wanted to share my story with mothers around me and share what I've filled my crib with.

With my innate love for technology, I created TheCrib.ae as an online baby shop in Dubai, UAE with a curation of the best baby and children's products that are natural and inspiring.   

Our Retail Brands

The Crib, slang for ‘home’, is a multi-brand retailer that offers high quality, sustainable brands for our customers. With multiple webstores, each store offers a specific category to complete your home shopping experience with us.

Our flagship store that offers products for babies, children, and parents.


Our specialty store for toys that children and adults love to play with.


The latest addition to our stores offering everything you need for your pets. 


What We Believe In

Sustainability is the foundation of our business.

Our sustainable business model stems from our personal beliefs to save the planet for our children. We create and deliver value for our stakeholders and customers while maintaining or regenerating the environmental, social, and economic capital that we rely on. 

So how do we implement our sustainable business model into our business practice? We follow the three pillars of sustainable business: Environmental, Social, and Economic.


Our focus is to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. 

The collection of products we curate focuses on eco-friendly products that are made of natural, organic, and recycled materials. 

The packaging we use is minimalistic focusing on planet-friendly and recycled materials. 


As an ethical business we value diversity, trust, and equal opportunity. We carefully select brands that mirror our values, provide a good working environment, and engage in work practices that are legal, fair and ensure decent treatment of their workforce.

At The Crib we are passionate about giving back to our community in Dubai and across the UAE, giving back is engrained in us both culturally and religiously. So, for every purchase that a customer makes, we donate part of the profits to charitable causes. We don’t just donate; through our CSR initiatives we actively engage with local charities and community centers to facilitate in providing resources they may require.


We focus on doing business with best practice values that lead to profitability for our stakeholders. 

We strive towards a more secure future and are always searching for the latest technology and trends that can assist us with minimizing our carbon footprint while increasing our returns.