Our Story

A Little Bit About Us

Our story began when I first found out I was going to be a mother more than a decade ago. As with all new parents, I wanted to get the best for my child, so I naturally spent a lot of time researching. Two more children down the road, I am forever searching for unique items that are made of natural materials, uniquely crafted, and inspire curiosity in young minds. It gets trickier with my children in different age groups and having equally different interests, but I've learned a trick or two along the way.

My journey of what I found that worked with my children over the years, and new products that we just can't live without has been remarkable at every step and one that any mother would relate to. I wanted to share my story with mothers around me and share what I've filled my crib with.

With my innate love for technology, I created The Crib as an online baby shop in Dubai, UAE with a curation of the best baby and children's products that are natural and inspiring.   



What We Believe In 

We believe in natural and inspiring products. 

As a mother, I always want what is best for my children in terms of health, life and children’s safety. For this reason, I and many mothers, believe natural and organic products are the best way to go. Not all products can be natural, but then they must be inspiring and ignite curiosity in young minds to assist in their development. The Crib is an online baby shop offering a selection of curated products that fit these beliefs.  

We believe in giving back to the community.

Giving back is engrained in us both culturally and religiously. At The Crib we are passionate about giving back to our community in Dubai and across the UAE so for every purchase that a customer makes, we donate 5% of the profit to charitable causes. 

We believe in environmentally friendly products.

A little bit goes a long way and we all have to do our part to save our precious planet. Our brands are carefully selected to align with our belief and all our products are given in eco-friendly bags.