Do Good: Chapter 1

Do Good: Chapter 1 - The Crib

Do good without expecting anything in return.

Doing good and giving back to the less fortunate has been taught to us from a very young age in our family. It is also one of the pillars of our religion. We have been raised to support the less fortunate in any way possible. I have always been passionate about giving back through community-related initiatives, so in 2013 we started offering CSR activities for companies as part of our services at our Event Management agency M&M Group. Having successfully delivered numerous CSR initiatives since 2013, we are always looking for new opportunities to give back to the community.

So, when we launched we committed to donating 5% of our profits to charitable causes. We aim to support a different initiative every year that is in line with our vision and mission to make the world a better place for future generations. Ramadan is the month of giving, so we found it fitting to have our first initiative during the holy month.

For the past few years, I supported an initiative during Ramadan to take orphans shopping for Eid, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this was not allowed last year and this year. So, we reached out to Emirates Red Crescent knowing that they have over 100 orphans and families registered to see if they were looking for any support. Emirates Red Crescent was looking for sponsors to provide various items that included toys, Eid clothes, chocolates, dates, perfumes, fruit baskets, and gift cards to give to the orphans and their families. We offered to donate 100 toys for children of ages 3 to 12 years.

All the donations were displayed at Red Crescent’s head office, and the registered families were invited on the last few days of Ramadan to take what they liked to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with their family. It was truly heartwarming to see the smile and excitement on the faces of children and their parents as they selected their Eid gifts. 

A special thank you to Emirates Red Crescent for including us in this wonderful initiative and to Sweetpea for supporting us to increase our donation.

Watch the video below of the distribution of Eid Gifts by Emirates Red Crescent in Dubai.


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