Fun Activities for Kids for the Holidays

Fun Activities for Kids for the Holidays - The Crib

With the winter holidays in full swing, it is often challenging to keep the kids busy with unplugged play. So, we’ve put together a list of the best kids’ products that are guaranteed to keep your kids busy and at the same time inspire them to bring out their creativity.

Koko Cardboards DIY Kits

This brand launched right before the holidays with a limited collection of DIY kits and are flying off the shelf. The product range includes kits to make an Astronaut, Traveller, T-rex, and Unicorn costume.

Olli Ella Play ‘n’ Pack Activity Sets

If your holiday season is filled with staycations, travel, or just a lot of days out and about in the city, then these Play ‘n’ Pack Activity Sets are simply the best activity sets on the go. The backpacks come in four themes: City, Fairy Tales, Forest, and Jungle. Each backpack is filled with imaginative play activities including a coloring roll, stickers, non-toxic crayons, toy, and alphabet cards to color and play with.

Banwood Trike and First Go Bike

The weather is perfect to be outdoors and what better activity than to ride around in the best-selling trike? These beauties have sold out with only the Trike in white color available in limited numbers. The First Go! Balance Bike is a great balance bike to promote early cycling and there is a shipment arriving just in time for deliveries before Christmas.

Poppik Discovery Stickers

Poppik’s range of Discovery Stickers is a fun way of learning. The discovery stickers come with a poster and children have to stick stickers based on the theme of the poster. The poster themes include Animals of the World, Dinosaurs, Flags, Oceans, and Sky Map.


If you want to spark hours of imaginative free play, then the best children's product is the Magna-Tiles collection. Whether it's the Freestyle 40-piece set, Glow in the Dark 16-piece set, or the best seller Metropolis 110-piece set, each set is truly unique and inspiring to engage your kids for hours.

Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls and Accessories

The Dinkum Dolls are hands down the best natural dolls with lots of cute accessories that will surely keep the girls busy. The Dinkum Dolls come in 6 different varieties with their special edition Dream Dinkum Dolls Birdie and Cricket recently added to the collection. The wide range of Dinkum accessories includes clothing, feeding sets, strollers, a changing basket, and even a tiny hairbrush!

Waytoplay Highway paired with Candylab Cars

Give toy cars to a boy, and he'll drive it around anywhere his imagination takes him. The Candylab cars are truly the classiest wooden cars and come in a variety of styles. Pair it with the Waytoplay Highway road for children to create their road map and you have a pathway to hours of fun play.

Kinderfeets 2-in-1 Tiny Tot Plus Tricycle and Balance Bike

If you’re looking for a trike that doubles up as a balance bike then the Kinderfeets 2-in-1 Tiny Tot Plus Tricycle and Balance Bike is the best bike to go for and it comes in 6 beautiful colors. Let your child explore the trike and ease into the balance bike when ready.

Viga Wooden Train Set

A classic wooden toy, you can never go wrong with a train set. This particular Train Set from Viga includes 90 pieces. If that is not enough, the additional accessories include Wild Animals, Bullet Train, and Traffic Signs to make it all the more fun!

Super Petit Silicone Placemats

Make meals fun with the Silicone Placemats that can be colored and then washed off to color again! A great way to keep mealtime fun and even take along with you for BBQs or to a restaurant.

Musical Instruments

The holiday season is a great time to get your kids interested in musical instruments. Let them play their favorite instrument as they sing along to Christmas carols, their favorite song, or start a band with their siblings or friends. Check out Viga’s Piano and Guitar or Plan Toys wooden Banjo, Banjolele, Rain Maker, and Big Drum.

Kitchen Set and Accessories

If your kids don’t already have a kitchen set, then what are you waiting for? A kitchen set is the best pretend play toy for children and the wide range of accessories makes it a toy you can always add on to. Check out the PolarB Kitchen with Cookies Accessories as well as their super cute Toaster Set and Mixer Set. Plan Toys has an adorable variety of wooden kitchen accessories like the Breakfast Menu, Assorted Fruit and Vegetable, Pasta, Ice Cream Set, Birthday Cake Set, Bakery Stand Set, and a Shopping Cart.

So, there you have it, whether you are spending your holiday time with the kids at home, at the park, out and about in the city, at a staycation, or even traveling, we have the best products to engage your children in fun activities that guarantee a good time! What's more, we are offering FREE standard shipping on all orders until Christmas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


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