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Grapat 12 Bowls

12 Bowls

Dhs. 185.00
Grapat 12 Bowls DescriptionIt contains 12 bowls in the colors of the rainbow. The 12 bowls painted with 12 different colors result in a harmonious color scale, which brings balance and...
Grapat 12 Nins® Wizards

12 Nins® Wizards

Dhs. 200.00
Grapat 12 Nins® Wizards DescriptionIt contains: 12 Nins® Wizards in the colors of the rainbow. The 12 Nins® Wizards (with hat) become a material which can be used as a symbolic...
Grapat 7 Moons, Weekly Calendar

7 Moons, Weekly Calendar

Dhs. 225.01
Grapat 7 Moons Weekly Calendar DescriptionThe 7 Nins®-acorns in 7 colors are associated with each day of the week according to Waldorf pedagogy. The 7 vessels and 1 round dish is...
Grapat Aguamarina Summer

Aguamarina Summer

Dhs. 185.00
Grapat Aguamarina Summer DescriptionNature is like a colorful album of images that gives us a beautiful scene month after month. No matter where we live, in the countryside or in the...
Brots - The Crib


Dhs. 99.00
Grapat Brots DescriptionThe Brots come in 18 pieces in 6 colors that degrade in 3 ranges. The Brots allow the child’s imagination to be flown, creating new play opportunities in each...
Construction Base Platform - The Crib

Construction Base Platform

Dhs. 129.00
Grapat Construction Base Platform DescriptionWood Platform for free constructions play. It helps to create a collected and bounded setting that favors attention and care with the elements that participate.  Natural FeaturesHandmade with...
Grapat Lola


Dhs. 519.00
Grapat Lola DescriptionThis set of 72 pieces with 12 different rainbow color pieces favors versatility and the variety of game possibilities favoring creative and divergent thinking. The different types of tubes...
Grapat Nins in the Woods

Nins in the Woods

Dhs. 229.00
Grapat Nins in the Woods DescriptionThe Nins of the forest become a toy set which can be used as a symbolic game, to create stories and small worlds. However, combined with...
Grapat Nins Tomten

Nins Tomten

Dhs. 179.00
Grapat Nins Tomten DescriptionThe elements of this game allow the child to create invented Small Worlds. There are no instructions and rules involved, which allows kids to give it the shape...
Grapat Perpetual Calendar English

Perpetual Calendar

Dhs. 265.00
Grapat Perpetual Calendar DescriptionThe 12 Nins® in 12 colors are according to the Waldorf pedagogy, both to determine the month and its season of the year. Also included are 1 bowl...
Grapat Platform 4 Seasons 4 Elements

Platform 4 Seasons 4 Elements

Dhs. 99.00
Grapat Platform 4 Seasons 4 Elements DescriptionRound Platform with 4 seasons elements. Perpetual Calendar complement. Anticlockwise direction. Natural FeaturesHandmade with wood from sustainable forests. The dyes are based on water and...
Grapat Sticks


Dhs. 175.00
Grapat Sticks DescriptionSticks that can be goblins, fantastic creatures, trees, animals, or anything else the child imagines, because the open-ended toys give children the chance to become what is necessary according...