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Grapat is a small family business that materialized from leaving the city to live in a natural environment. It inspired the founders to see their children and other children playing. A child's game has something sacred, like a parallel world-like meditation that is governed by its own rules and time. The game is the moment of the YES, where EVERYTHING IS OK, except the rules that are established and that normally have to do with not hurting oneself, others, the environment, the material and the creations of others. When these moments of true play occur we take care of it, we protect it as if it were a sacred moment. We do not interrupt, we take care of the space, we keep silent.

Free play, loose parts, open and unstructured material startle the founders daily because it transforms into what the children decide and which are the fruit of their internal need. 

Grapat offers a collection of toys without instructions, the only premise is to let do, without time, slowly. A collection of toys that incites, invites, causes the creation of diverse worlds, fantastic, realistic, invented.

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