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Totter + Tumble

Luxury Playmats.

From a mother's desire to find practical yet stylish flooring for her children, Totter + Tumble was formed on the following four founding principles: simple, stylish, supportive, safe

Simple: Enjoy playing, not washing.

Their easy care, antibacterial mats just need a wipe down with a gentle cleaning solution and cloth.  No need to scrape mushed breadsticks, scrub milk or instead limit food and play to the table. Take delight in every inch of your space without worry. No gimmicks - just straight forward practical playmats that are built to last.

Stylish: A quiet style.

The playmats have subtle patterns, designed to complement your interior style. At Totter + Tumble they believe play spaces should encourage creativity, letting nature and chosen toys add color stimulus without overwhelming the senses with garish patterns. And when the children go to bed and friends come over, you can still enjoy your home too. The bonus is each mat is reversible! Flip over your mat to find another stylish design. 

Supportive - An extra pair of hands.

As our little ones learn to sit, crawl, walk and fly, we sometimes feel we need a million hands to catch them as they inevitably totter and tumble. These playmats offer cushioning for your little ones as they explore, learn and play, yet designed so neither you or your little ones will feel the floor underneath either. The memory foam factor removes the wobble issue, instead providing support to strengthening joints. Oh and they are brilliant for pilates and yoga too.

Safe - Rest assured. They have got this.

From one parent to another, safety is paramount to them, which is why they scoured the globe to find the best manufacturer with the same commitment. Their products are responsibly manufactured and have even passed the same level of testing as a teething toy! 

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