Role Playing

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Wooden Vet Set - The Crib

Wooden Vet Set

Dhs. 124.95
DescriptionEncourage your children to be empathetic and learn how to treat animals with this Vet Set. It consists of 3 basic pieces of medical equipment, a vaccine bottle, a bandage,...
Wooden Tool Belt - The Crib

Wooden Tool Belt

Dhs. 99.75
DescriptionDiscover the joys of fixing and creating projects with our Tool Belt! Tools include: a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver and a level. Kids can practice using the tools hat...
Wooden Detective Set - The Crib

Wooden Detective Set

Dhs. 157.50
DescriptionKids love to explore the world around them, and the Detective Set is the perfectway to help them do so! Encourage your children to fi nd the missing cat in...
Wooden Dentist Set - The Crib

Wooden Dentist Set

Dhs. 131.25
DescriptionPretend to be a real dentist! This set teaches children at a young age to understand the importance of tooth care. It includes 4 basic dental tools, 1 toothbrush, 1...
Wooden Hair Dresser Set - The Crib

Wooden Hair Dresser Set

Dhs. 131.25
DescriptionPretend to be a hairstylist with this hair dresser set! Includes scissors, hair dryer, comb, straightener , hair clipper, and a waist bag. Kids will enjoy creating hairstyles on themselves,...
Wooden Pet Care Set - The Crib

Wooden Pet Care Set

Dhs. 124.95
DescriptionPrepare your kids for the responsibility of taking care of real life pets with this lovely toy! This set includes pet food, a bowl, a brush, a pet toy (ball),...
Wooden Makeup Set - The Crib

Wooden Makeup Set

Dhs. 124.95
DescriptionPretend play as a makeup artist with this set, includes a mirror, a brush, 5 pieces of cosmetic, and a waist bag. Kids will enjoy putting makeup on themselves, family...
Wooden Doctor Set - The Crib

Wooden Doctor Set

Dhs. 124.95
DescriptionPretend play as a real doctor and take care of your friends using this professional doctor set! Teaches children at a young age how to become sympathetic and empathetic. This set...