Play Vehicles

Unleash your child's imagination with our diverse selection of kids' play vehicles. Whether they dream of driving fast cars, flying high in helicopters, or conquering construction sites with heavy-duty trucks, we have the perfect play vehicles to fuel their creativity and spark endless adventures.

Our play vehicles are designed to be durable, safe, and engaging, ensuring hours of imaginative play. From realistic details and functional features to vibrant colors and sturdy construction, each vehicle is crafted with care to provide an immersive and enjoyable play experience.

Encourage your child to explore different roles and scenarios as they interact with their play vehicles. They can become race car drivers, brave firefighters, skilled pilots, or construction workers, fostering important skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and storytelling.

Our collection includes a wide range of play vehicles, including cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, boats, and more. With various sizes, styles, and designs available, you can find the perfect play vehicle to suit your child's interests and preferences.

Whether playing independently or engaging in imaginative play with friends and siblings, our kids' play vehicles inspire curiosity, promote social interaction, and provide countless opportunities for learning and development.

Shop our selection of kids' play vehicles today and watch as your child's imagination takes flight, setting the stage for exciting adventures and endless fun.

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Wooden Car - Bus - The Crib

Wooden Car - Bus

Dhs. 89.25 – Dhs. 99.75
Little one's gotta have wheels! The wooden car collection is made for little hands. A tried and true favorite for toddlers and older children, choose an heirloom toy that will...
Soft Toy Ride & Roll - Safari

Soft Toy Ride & Roll - Safari

Dhs. 285.00
The Ride & Roll Safari consists of a soft toy car in petrol blue cotton canvas, with embroidered lights and patches as windows. Dark grey cotton pom poms simulate the...
Candyvan Hot Dog Van - The Crib

Candyvan Hot Dog Van

Dhs. 75.00
DescriptionNothing says NYC like a hot dog stand. As New Yorkers, we must pay tribute to the hot dog – it's the quintessential New York street food. Our hot dog...
Candyvan Taco Truck - The Crib

Candyvan Taco Truck

Dhs. 75.00
DescriptionOur taco truck was inspired by the trailblazing spirit of the very first food trucks. Designed with true SoCal vibes in mind, it has fun and fiesty coats of paint,...
Candycar Pink Sedan - The Crib

Candycar Pink Sedan

Dhs. 56.00
DescriptionPart of our new Candycar line, a cute 3 inches long. We like to call this one the Bubble Gum, for the pink in all of us. SpecificationsColor: PinkProduct dimensions:...
Bioplastic Tractor Digger - The Crib

Bioplastic Tractor Digger

Dhs. 280.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Tractor Digger DescriptionSturdy, durable tractor in subdued, natural colors, with a perfect front loader for a sandbox. Help your kids develop their sense of imagination and their social skills...
candylab toys docryder

Doc Ryder

Dhs. 130.00
DescriptionNamed after legendary—and imaginary—wood toy race car driver, this two-tone racer will fight tooth and nail at every hairpin turn. The imaginary huge engine requires a large hood air intake. ...
candylab toys drifter sahara tan canvas

Drifter Sahara - Tan Canvas

Dhs. 345.00
DescriptionA unique and perfectly engineered modern vintage toy with a top covered in US-sourced, tan-colored, actual waxed canvas. It has a hidden magnet embedded in the rooftop for matching with...
Carbon 77 - The Crib

Carbon 77

Dhs. 130.00
DescriptionMuted, discreet gray with a hairline bright red stripe. The wolf in sheep’s clothing, lucky number 77 will be the star on the imaginary quarter-mile circuit.  SpecificationsColor: black, white, and...
Junior Desert Race Set - The Crib

Junior Desert Race Set

Dhs. 169.00
DescriptionAlways ready for a friendly competition, these two nimble squirts are eager for a fast drive out in the desert. Too fast for the naked eye, the dust plume on...
Junior City Scape Set - The Crib

Junior City Scape Set

Dhs. 169.00
DescriptionWith the city deep asleep, these two characters roam the streets keeping the night safe and alive. The set includes both the mini Candycab and Police. SpecificationsColor: Black, white and...
Drifter Sahara - Brown Canvas - The Crib

Drifter Sahara - Brown Canvas

Dhs. 345.00
DescriptionOur all-new, House of Candy Drifter Sahara. A unique and perfectly engineered modern vintage toy with a top covered in US-sourced, caramel-colored, actual waxed canvas. It has a hidden magnet...