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Postpartum Gift Boxes for the New Mom

Mama Care was conceived to ‘Nuture the Nuturer’! The story of how Mamacare was established is truly unique and inspiring and a story that must be heard so here it goes!

Being a young mama to an unplanned baby, Sinitta's prenatal story is definitely not a mushy one. All her thoughts then focused on how this would affect her personal and work life with absolutely no clue about how to take care of the little one and postpartum recovery was not even a speck of her thought process then.

When the D-day hit, Sinitta was just glad that the baby was out and focused her energy on managing this cute life. Little did she know about how postpartum hits! Not only did she have the baby blues, but all the physical recovery kept her in tears day and night. She had the chills right after delivery, the horrible sting during pee, constipation for 5 days (due to not eating the right food and not hydrating enough) causing hemorrhoids later. She was unable to sit (not knowing sitting cushions were an option). The healing took forever, and she learnt the hard way about witch hazel, cooling pads and sitz baths. Her breastfeeding journey was equally concerning, she had no idea on how to help the baby latch or the foods to consume to help lactation. The problems with latching and sore nipples were endless. Nevertheless, she learnt through her journey and made a promise to herself to ensure that no new moms go through this turmoil and she had an uncontrollable need to educate all the moms-to-be with this newfound knowledge she had through her experience. She did help a lot of moms. Not everyone was happy to hear the horrors and hated that she expressed in such detail, but you know what, they all thanked her later! That is how Mamacare came to life. To all the new moms she doesn't even know, she is here to help. Mamacare has got your back!

Besides the psychological turmoil involved in birthing a child and then nurturing the baby, a new mother faces various physiological challenges too. A new mother goes through immense emotional distress due to the recovery pain, sleep deprivation, hormonal changes and so much more. Taking care of herself becomes an act of survival rather than an equally important priority. The moment a baby is born, Mama Care plunges right in and takes charge of all the postpartum essentials required by new mothers. Postpartum recovery doesn’t have to be so hard and painful. We want to help take the pain out of your fourth trimester and make you feel like a human again.

Congratulations! It’s a MOM.


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