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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of kids learning resources, where education meets fun and curiosity. We believe that learning should be an exciting adventure, and our wide range of resources is designed to ignite young minds and empower children with knowledge and skills.

Our collection encompasses a variety of interactive games, puzzles, toys, and workbooks that cater to different learning styles and age groups. From early childhood development to advanced subjects, our learning resources cover a wide range of topics, including language, math, science, creativity, critical thinking, and more.

Engagement is key to effective learning, and that's why our resources are designed to be interactive and hands-on. Children can explore concepts through play, problem-solving, and exploration. Our games and puzzles challenge their cognitive skills, promote logical thinking, and encourage teamwork and social interaction.

We understand the importance of age-appropriate content, and our learning resources are carefully curated to meet the developmental needs of children at various stages. Whether it's preschoolers learning their ABCs or older kids delving into complex scientific concepts, our resources provide engaging and accessible content that captivates young learners.

Our educational toys are not only entertaining but also designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity. They inspire children to explore, experiment, and discover the world around them. From building blocks and STEM kits to art supplies and musical instruments, our toys provide a multidimensional learning experience.

In addition to hands-on resources, our collection also includes workbooks and activity books that reinforce essential skills and knowledge. With exercises, puzzles, and engaging activities, these books provide a structured approach to learning and allow children to practice and reinforce concepts at their own pace.

We believe in the power of learning beyond traditional classrooms, and our resources are designed to complement and enhance formal education. Whether used at home or in educational settings, our learning resources foster a love for learning, encourage independent thinking, and nurture a growth mindset.

With our kids learning resources, children can explore new subjects, develop essential skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. Spark their curiosity, inspire their creativity, and empower them with the tools they need to succeed. Discover our wide range of engaging and effective learning resources and embark on an educational journey that will shape young minds for years to come.

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Wooden Alphabet A-Z - The Crib

Wooden Alphabet A-Z

Dhs. 162.75
DescriptionThe set comes with 26 capital letters and 2 side bases. The front base has animal pictures which relate to the alphabet. On the back are directions for writing the...
Daradam Arabicubes


Dhs. 288.75
An intergenerational game in the form of wooden blocks that facilitates the learning of writing in Arabic by manipulating the letters of the alphabet in all their forms. With Arabicubes,...
Wooden Activity Clock - The Crib

Wooden Activity Clock

Dhs. 166.95
DescriptionThis vibrant clock includes activity cards that can be placed on the top of the clock so that children can match the time with their activity. Natural Features All PlanToys...
ABC Bamboo Blocks - The Crib

ABC Bamboo Blocks

Dhs. 160.00
Kinderfeets ABC Bamboo Blocks DescriptionFinally! Sustainably-crafted bamboo blocks that support little ones’ in their development while also nurturing an eco-friendly lifestyle. The bamboo blocks have letters, numbers, 4 elements of the...
Number Tracing Board 0-9

Number Tracing Board 0-9

Dhs. 94.50
The number board offers your child a way to practice early pre-writing skills by tracing the number with the pen or using their fingers. This handmade, eco friendly and sustainable...
Moon & Star Sensory Plate - Limited Edition - The Crib

Moon & Star Sensory Plate - Limited Edition

Dhs. 99.75
Get into the Ramadan spirit with the limited edition Moon & Star sensory plate which can also double up as a food plate as it's completely food safe. This set...