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Organic Cotton Prayer Mats for Kids and Adults

We can’t begin to tell you how important it is to start with that - peace, mercy and blessings of Allah upon you straight out of the gate - how amazing is it that we are taught to greet one another like that!  Subhan-Allah!

The founding family of Khamsa moved back to the UK from living in the UAE, an Islamic country for twelve years, and as parents of four boys they soon realised that the little things that they took as a given in the UAE were the core fundamental Islamic building blocks of what children need to grow and thrive in everyday lives.  They wanted to create a business that is linked to their faith with a focus on the importance of Salah.

A story that resonated with them the most was that of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) when he left Hajer and his son Ismail in the middle of the desert (Makkah) and upon leaving his wife and child in a desolated area without provisions the only thing he asked Allah for as he left them behind was “Oh Allah, Make them establishers of prayer”. How beautiful a request is that? And more importantly, the emphasis on the significance of Salah - the 2nd pillar of islam right after the Shahadateyn.

Thus, they got cracking on with building a small business that impacts young muslims in a way that helps them nurture a relationship with our creator. Collectively, they pondered on those little things and planting the seed that is their organic brand in hope to watch it grow fruitful with the grace of Allah (SWT).

Khamsa's goal is to ensure that they are inspiring not only their own but all mini Muslims around the world. 

اهدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيم The Quran (1:6) 

The brand ‘khamsa’ is basically that in a nutshell. Khamsa our five daily prayers, our Islamic building blocks, our pillars of Islam and way of life revolves around that.

And by the grace of Allah (SWT),  here they are.

‘Lets spark the love of our beautiful deen in our kids and get them excited about praying to their Creator’ - Nadia Hassan, Co-founder of Khamsa.

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