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Vanya's Closet Ella Romper

Ella Romper

Dhs. 139.00
DescriptionSet the trend with this hollow lace frill romper that has a cross back. Natural FeaturesMade of 100% cotton and linen blend. SpecificationsColor: IvorySizes: 6-12 M, 12-18 M, 18-24 MMaterial: cotton lace Product...
vanya's closet alice lace romper

Alice Lace Romper

Dhs. 79.00
DescriptionA stunning lace romper made from cotton. Natural FeaturesMade of 100% cotton. SpecificationsColor: white, pink, turquoise, yellowSize: 0-3M, 3-6M, 6-12M, 18-24M, 24-36MMaterial: cotton Product CareHand wash only. Recommended age: 0 -...
Leonardo Linen Playsuit - The Crib

Leonardo Linen Playsuit

Dhs. 150.00
DescriptionThis gender neutral sleeveless playsuit is perfect for the hot summers and great for kids to play in.   Natural FeaturesMade of 100% linen. SpecificationsColors: Beige, BlueSizes: 1-2 Years, 2-3 Years, 3-4...
Ada Jumpsuit - The Crib

Ada Jumpsuit

Dhs. 150.00
DescriptionThe Ada ruffle jumpsuit is sure to turn heads with the frill sleeves.  Natural FeaturesMade of 100% cotton and linen blend. SpecificationsColors: Beige, Blush, Purple, TurquoiseSizes: 6-12 M, 1-2 Years, 2-3...
Isabella Romper - Stripes - The Crib

Isabella Romper - Stripes

Dhs. 120.00
DescriptionRuffles linen and cotton stripes romper.   SpecificationsColors: peach stripes, light blue stripes, beige stripesSizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 monthsMaterial: linen and cotton Product CareMachine washable. Recommended age: 0-18 months
vanya's closet isabella romper solid colors

Isabella Romper - Solid Color

Dhs. 120.00
DescriptionRuffles linen and cotton solid color romper. Natural FeaturesHandmade with linen and cotton. SpecificationsColors: White, Agave, Rust, Blush, Sage Green, BeigeSizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 monthsMaterial: linen and cotton...
Scorla Nora Romper - The Crib

Scorla Nora Romper

Dhs. 187.95
DescriptionAn exclusively handmade romper made from 100% high quality linen with beautiful hand embroidery.  Natural FeaturesMade from high quality linen. SpecificationsColors: Mustard, Salmon pink, TerracotaSizes: 0-6 M, 6-12 M, 1-2...
Lewis Knitted Romper - The Crib

Lewis Knitted Romper

Dhs. 99.75
DescriptionThe Lewis Knitted Romper is a super cute suspender romper made of cotton. SpecificationsColors: Blue Multi-color Stripes, Pink Multi-color Stripes Sizes: 0-6 M,  6-12 M, 1YMaterial: knitted cotton Product CareHand wash only....
Leah Romper - The Crib

Leah Romper

Dhs. 72.45
DescriptionThe Leah Romper is a layered girls romper made of muslin cotton making it a great addition to any little girl's wardrobe for the Spring and Summer season. Natural FeaturesMade...
Ezekiel Suspender Romper - The Crib

Ezekiel Suspender Romper

Dhs. 114.45
DescriptionThe Ezekiel suspender romper is a cute two piece set with a top and suspender romper for boys. Natural FeaturesMade of 100% cotton. SpecificationsColors: Beige, GreySizes: 0-6 M,6-12 M, 12-18...
Dahlia Romper - The Crib

Dahlia Romper

Dhs. 99.75
DescriptionThe Dahlia Romper is a cotton romper with a doll collar making it a trendy addition to  any toddler's Spring and Summer wardrobe. SpecificationsColor: Light Blue, YellowSizes: 12-18 M, 18-24 M,...
Clara Romper - The Crib

Clara Romper

Dhs. 99.75
DescriptionThe Clara Romper is a unique style romper with a big collar that has a delicate embroidery detail. Rompers are a great addition to a baby and toddler's wardrobe for the Spring...