Hair, Skin & Oral Care

Delicate and gentle care is essential when it comes to your baby's hair, skin, and oral hygiene. Explore our comprehensive collection of baby hair, skin, and oral care products, specially formulated to meet the unique needs of your little one.

Nurture your baby's hair with our mild and tear-free shampoos and conditioners. Our gentle formulas cleanse and hydrate, leaving their hair soft, manageable, and free from tangles. With carefully selected ingredients, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your baby's delicate scalp.

Maintain your baby's skin health with our range of baby skincare essentials. From gentle cleansers and moisturizers to soothing balms and diaper creams, our products are designed to protect and nourish their sensitive skin. We understand the importance of using gentle and hypoallergenic ingredients, ensuring your baby's skin stays soft, smooth, and healthy.

Oral care is crucial even for the youngest members of your family. Introduce good oral hygiene habits early with our selection of baby-friendly toothbrushes. Specially formulated to be safe if swallowed, our toothpaste promotes healthy gums and develops a strong foundation for their oral health.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your baby. Our baby hair, skin, and oral care products are free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and parabens. Instead, we focus on using natural and organic ingredients that are gentle yet effective.

Embrace the joy of caring for your baby's hair, skin, and oral health with our specially curated collection. Our products are designed to provide gentle and effective care, ensuring your little one receives the nurturing they deserve.

Shop now and experience the peace of mind that comes from using safe and trusted baby hair, skin, and oral care products. Create moments of bonding and comfort as you care for your baby's delicate needs, all while promoting their healthy development.

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Erbaviva baby body wash 2oz

Baby Body Wash

Dhs. 36.75 – Dhs. 157.50
Erbaviva Baby Body Wash DescriptionA gentle wash made with soothing chamomile and nourishing aloe, oat and calendula extracts, Baby Body Wash naturally nurtures and cleans even the most sensitive and delicate...
Mushie finger toothbrush cambridge blue/shifting sand

Finger Toothbrush - Cambridge Blue/Shifting Sand

Dhs. 49.35
DescriptionHelp brushing go smoothly and begin building good habits with these finger toothbrushes! Conveniently packaged in twos (one for baby to hold and one for parent to use on baby).  Made...
erbaviva baby lotion 2oz

Baby Lotion

Dhs. 157.50
Erbaviva Baby Lotion DescriptionA luxuriant and light lotion carefully crafted with natural emulsifiers and organic oils to moisturize tender and sensitive skin on babies and adults. Soothingly scented with Erbaviva’s custom...
Classic Hair Gel - The Crib

Classic Hair Gel

Dhs. 68.25
DescriptionEveryone loves Original Sprout Classic Hair Gel. Clean feeling, medium hold makes frizzies & flyaways smooth & stay in place. Strengthens & softens without sticky residue. Helps prevent breakage &...
Protective Protein Mist

Protective Protein Mist

Dhs. 36.75 – Dhs. 126.00
DescriptionEnjoy our professional performance with our new natural hairspray with soothing organic extracts! For all hair types & textures with organic extracts & plant proteins to help strengthen & smooth....
Baby's First Bath Kit - The Crib

Baby's First Bath Kit

Dhs. 147.00
DescriptionBaby's First Bath Kit from Original Sprout is a perfect baby shower gift for new baby and mom! This great kit will keep baby soft and smelling wonderful. Natural FeaturesFormulated...
Tahitian Hair Oil

Tahitian Hair Oil

Dhs. 36.75 – Dhs. 147.00
DescriptionLook, feel, & smell delicious head to toe! It adds a healthy, tropical glow to hair and skin, immediately soothing dry hands, elbows, feet & hair into silky softness! Treat...
Island Bliss Shampoo

Island Bliss Shampoo

Dhs. 99.75 – Dhs. 262.50
DescriptionUnlike other sulfate free shampoos that can weigh hair down, Original Sprout Island Bliss Shampoo is a brilliant formula that delivers touchable, smooth volume that lasts all day. Keeps color...
Hair & Body Baby Wash

Hair & Body Baby Wash

Dhs. 63.00 – Dhs. 252.00
DescriptionOur Hair and Body Babywash is made with gentle moisturizing ingredients such as organic calendula and refreshing rosemary extract. It’s excellent for sensitive, dry or itchy skin. Rosemary helps stimulate...
Miracle Detangler

Miracle Detangler

Dhs. 21.00 – Dhs. 147.00
DescriptionThe champion of detanglers, Original Sprout's professional, quick release formula makes tough tangles history. Original Sprout's number one selling Miracle Detangler is essential. Tangles release immediately making combing effortless. Leaves hair...
Deluxe Travel Kit

Deluxe Travel Kit

Dhs. 180.60
DescriptionThe Deluxe Travel Kit is a combination of Natural Shampoo, Hair & Body Baby Wash, Scrumptious Baby Cream and Deep Conditioner in a travel size of 3 ounces. Natural FeaturesFormulated...
erbaviva tummy rub

Tummy Rub

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Tummy Rub DescriptionAn organic way to ease and comfort baby’s tummy.Crafted with beneficial organic essential oils to naturally calm and soothe baby’s upset stomach. Tummy Rub has a soft, silky...