Organic Skincare


As early proponents of California’s organic food movement, Erbaviva was born from the desire to apply the same principles of sustainability, ethics and quality to the products used on their children’s delicate skin. 

From gentle cleansers and moisturizers to soothing balms and oils, Erbaviva products are designed to provide optimal hydration, nourishment, and protection for your little one. Each product is carefully crafted with certified organic ingredients, ensuring that only the purest and safest formulations are used. Erbaviva or “living herbs” in Italian, features pure, USDA certified organic ingredients that have been thoughtfully derived from nature. The expertly balanced formulas nourish the skin, using enriching botanicals, essential oils and living herbs, to yield exceptional results.

While Erbaviva has grown, the founding values of transparency, authenticity and organic integrity endure. Erbaviva is still proudly made in Los Angeles— at its own clean, green solar powered manufacturing facility. It is among the few companies globally to achieve B Corp certification, meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Choose Erbaviva for a holistic approach to baby skincare, where the power of nature meets luxurious and effective formulations. Trust in the brand's commitment to quality and safety, and give your baby the gentle care they deserve with Erbaviva.

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erbaviva baby soap

Baby Soap

Dhs. 78.75
Erbaviva Baby Soap DescriptionHandcrafted with pure milk, honey and nutrient-rich oils, Erbaviva Baby Soap is completely natural and exceptionally mild. Specially formulated with olive and essential lavender oil to create a...
erbaviva organic baby butter

Organic Baby Butter

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Organic Baby Butter DescriptionOrganic Baby Butter is pure luxury for little ones. This unique formula is designed to comfort, moisturize, and protect delicate skin from winter dryness. Crafted with fair...
Erbaviva baby body wash 2oz

Baby Body Wash

Dhs. 36.75 – Dhs. 157.50
Erbaviva Baby Body Wash DescriptionA gentle wash made with soothing chamomile and nourishing aloe, oat and calendula extracts, Baby Body Wash naturally nurtures and cleans even the most sensitive and delicate...
erbaviva baby lotion 2oz

Baby Lotion

Dhs. 36.75 – Dhs. 157.50
Erbaviva Baby Lotion DescriptionA luxuriant and light lotion carefully crafted with natural emulsifiers and organic oils to moisturize tender and sensitive skin on babies and adults. Soothingly scented with Erbaviva’s custom...
erbaviva tummy rub

Tummy Rub

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Tummy Rub DescriptionAn organic way to ease and comfort baby’s tummy.Crafted with beneficial organic essential oils to naturally calm and soothe baby’s upset stomach. Tummy Rub has a soft, silky...
erbaviva baby shampoo 2oz

Baby Shampoo

Dhs. 36.75 – Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Baby Shampoo DescriptionThoughtfully formulated from nature, Erbabiva Baby Shampoo nourishes the hair and scalp with a unique and ultra-mild blend of organic essential oils of lavender, chamomile and Oregon grape...
erbaviva baby diaper cream

Diaper Cream

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Diaper Cream DescriptionErbaviva Diaper Cream is made from an all-natural cream base formulated with soothing aloe and super-curative Echinacea, long used as an effective topical wound healer and aid to...
ERbaviva lip and cheek balm

Baby Lip and Cheek Balm

Dhs. 57.75
Erbaviva Baby Lip and Cheek Balm DescriptionA signature favorite, the nourishing Erbaviva Organic Lip & Cheek Balm is a go-to healing balm for dry and chapped lips, cheeks, and hands. Glide...
erbaviva nighty night bath essence with story book

Nighty Night Bath Essence with Story Book

Dhs. 99.75
Erbaviva Nighty Night Bath Essence with Story Book DescriptionSoothingly scented and naturally relaxing organic essential oils of chamomile, lavender and sandalwood harmoniously come together in Erbaviva Nighty Night Bath Essence for...
erbaviva baby cream

Organic Baby Cream

Dhs. 78.75
Erbaviva Organic Baby Cream Description Completely nourishing and thoughtfully made with the highest quality natural emulsifiers and organic essential oils. Erbaviva Baby Cream moisturizes tender and sensitive skin with its super-clean...
erbaviva organic baby oil

Organic Baby Oil

Dhs. 78.75
Erbaviva Organic Baby Oil DescriptionSpecially crafted with only the purest and safest organic oils for baby, Erbaviva Organic Baby Oil is an emollient moisturizer and nourishing supplement for delicate and sensitive...
Refreshing Foot Balm - The Crib

Refreshing Foot Balm

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Refreshing Foot Balm DescriptionWith a warming and beneficial blend of organic essential oils, Erbaviva Refreshing Foot Balm luxuriously soothes while aiding in the release of tension and swelling. Ginger and...