Educational Games and Learning Resources Inspired by the Arabic Language


Daradam is a brand dedicated to supporting parents, teachers, speech therapists, social workers and anyone else who wants to learn Arabic in their learning or teaching journey. Daradam aims to provide enriching and high-quality material that develops children's curiosity and cognitive skills, creating an immersive environment that complements the Arabic language spoken at home or school. The product range is a great way for children to learn Arabic in a fun and engaging way.

The brand believes in the importance of conveying the cultural heritage of the Arab world to the next generation. They provide tools to help stimulate the curiosity of children and facilitate discovering the originality and the richness of Arab culture through creative and sustainable educational games.

Their educational toys are the result of deep reflection, great design and lovely illustrations. They have carefully chosen suppliers who meet their strict quality and environmental standards. Their attention to detail makes their toys not only educational but “must have” artistic products.

Their toys and games have been designed with Arabic teachers in order to optimise the learning process whether it is at home or at school. They do their best to promote the Arabic language and to spread the richness of the cultural heritage through dialogue and the pro-active interaction between generations.

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Daradam Arabicity Wooden Memory Game

Arabicity Wooden Memory Game

Dhs. 110.25
A memory game highlighting traditional Arab architectural heritage in 12 illustrations. A dozen architectural monuments were beautifully designed by the young Tunisian illustrator and comic strip artist Noha Habaieb.This educational...
Chkobba Kids Numbers Card Game - The Crib

Chkobba Kids Numbers Card Game

Dhs. 63.00
A dynamic card game, inspired by a popular traditional play in Tunisia.The goal is to achieve maximum points , picking up the cards and adding the numbers up to 10...
Daradam Arabicubes


Dhs. 288.75
An intergenerational game in the form of wooden blocks that facilitates the learning of writing in Arabic by manipulating the letters of the alphabet in all their forms. With Arabicubes,...
Daradam Arabicouples Card Game

Arabicouples Card Game

Dhs. 63.00
A card game that allows children (and adults) to discover the different Arab countries and their traditional clothes. It's a great start to developing a discussion that can enrich the...