Eco-friendly Plastic Toys

Dantoy is a renowned brand that has been pioneering children's toys for more than 55 years. The Danish brand's philosophy? Play is essential for developing a sense of imagination, social skills and sharing. With a strong commitment to quality and safety, Dantoy offers a diverse range of toys designed to inspire imagination, promote learning, and provide endless hours of fun. From from indoor activities and outdoor fun, on the beach or in the snow, toys for playing alone or with many - the choice is limitless. Dantoy toys encourage children to explore their creativity and engage in open-ended play.

One of the standout features of Dantoy toys is their focus on sustainability. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, Dantoy products are designed to minimize environmental impact while ensuring the safety of children. The brand prioritizes non-toxic materials, recyclability, and durability, making their toys a responsible choice for parents who value sustainability. All Dantoy toys are made in Denmark and contain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, meaning they are made from plastics that don't contain phthalates, perfume, BPA or endocrine-disruptive substances.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, Dantoy toys are known for their exceptional quality and design. The brand's attention to detail and ergonomic considerations ensure that each toy is not only enjoyable to play with but also safe and comfortable for little hands.

With Dantoy, you can feel confident that you are providing your child with toys that stimulate their creativity, promote learning, and contribute to a healthier planet. Explore the wide range of Dantoy products and choose toys that inspire imaginative play and environmental consciousness.

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Bioplastic Dragon Rocking Seesaw - The Crib

Bioplastic Dragon Rocking Seesaw

Dhs. 450.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Dragon Rocking Seesaw DescriptionVery stable seesaw for 3 children. The rocker dragon is a great way to improve little ones' balance in an interactive and playful way, this rocker...
Bioplastic Dinner Set - The Crib

Bioplastic Dinner Set

Dhs. 250.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Dinner Set DescriptionSplendid dinner set with a pot and tableware in subdued, natural colors for 4 place settings. The set is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play and...
Bioplastic Tractor Digger - The Crib

Bioplastic Tractor Digger

Dhs. 280.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Tractor Digger DescriptionSturdy, durable tractor in subdued, natural colors, with a perfect front loader for a sandbox. Help your kids develop their sense of imagination and their social skills...
Dantoy Green Garden Wheelbarrow Set - The Crib

Green Garden Wheelbarrow Set

Dhs. 290.00
Dantoy Green Garden Wheelbarrow Set DescriptionEnsure an interactive beach experience for the kids as they play in the sand with this wheelbarrow set. Help your kids develop their sense of imagination...
Bioplastic Tiny Teether Ring Chain - The Crib

Bioplastic Tiny Teether Ring Chain

Dhs. 45.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Tiny Teether Ring Chain DescriptionSoothes teething pain and keeps busy little hands entertained. The tiny chain can be hung from the baby gym, pram, or car safety seat. The...
Bioplastic Baby Fun Cars - The Crib

Bioplastic Baby Fun Cars

Dhs. 130.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Baby Fun Cars DescriptionAdorable cars with happy expressions for babies. The cars are suitable for indoor and outdoor play and will withstand water and sand that can be easily...
Bioplastic Shape Sorter - The Crib

Bioplastic Shape Sorter

Dhs. 320.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Shape Sorter DescriptionThe Dantoy tiny shape sorter is round consisting of many different parts and shapes. Playing with the shape sorter helps the child to develop their logical thinking,...
Bioplastic Sand & Beach Play Set - The Crib

Bioplastic Sand & Beach Play Set

Dhs. 220.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Sand & Beach Play Set DescriptionThis cute little set of pails in subdued, natural colors is a must for playing in the sandbox or on the beach – alone...
Bioplastic Pounding Bench - The Crib

Bioplastic Pounding Bench

Dhs. 275.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Pounding Bench DescriptionThe Dantoy Tiny Bio Pounding Bench comes with 3 balls, each with a different shape engraves in the top. The set is colored in subdued, natural shades,...
Bioplastic Dumper Truck - The Crib

Bioplastic Dumper Truck

Dhs. 245.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Dumper Truck DescriptionTrue to life, this truck is solid and made to last. Your children can roll or drive it around, creating all kinds of fun. The perfect toy...
Bioplastic Bucket & Spade Sand Set - The Crib

Bioplastic Bucket & Spade Sand Set

Dhs. 170.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Bucket & Spade Sand Set DescriptionThis nice little bucket set is a must for playing in the sandbox or on the beach – alone or together with other children....
Bioplastic Cooking Set - The Crib

Bioplastic Cooking Set

Dhs. 265.00
Dantoy Bioplastic Cooking Set DescriptionPerfect for any aspiring young chef and would make a great gift for any occasion.  Features:  Sustainable material and production Contains no toxins Dishwasher safe Nordic Swan...