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Quease Ease Lip Balm - The Crib

Quease Ease Lip Balm

Dhs. 47.25
Erbaviva Quease Ease Lip Balm DescriptionA refreshingly scented and hydrating balm specially formulated to help manage a mama-to-be's morning sickness. Natural FeaturesThe product is made of certified organic ingredients. SpecificationsSize: 2.5...
Mama Relax Oil - The Crib

Mama Relax Oil

Dhs. 99.75
Erbaviva Mama Relax Oil DescriptionA soothing organic massage oil with calming essential oils of roman chamomile, geranium, and lavender, Erbaviva mama relax oil assists in bringing relaxation to both tired minds and...
Mama Relax Oat Bath - The Crib

Mama Relax Oat Bath

Dhs. 141.75
Erbaviva Mama Relax Oat Bath DescriptionA luxurious oat milk bath for both pre and post-pregnancy, formulated to deeply moisturize and soothe the skin. Perfect for busy mamas! Combines beautifully with our mama...
Nursing Balm - The Crib

Nursing Balm

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Nursing Balm DescriptionAn organic solution to safely hydrate dry, cracked, sore skin for better breast feeding. No need to rinse-off prior to breastfeeding. Natural FeaturesThe product is made of certified...
Stretch Mark Oil - The Crib

Stretch Mark Oil

Dhs. 52.50 – Dhs. 420.00
Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil DescriptionWith nutrient rich organic essential oils including rose, sandalwood and safflower, Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil keeps mother’s stressed skin soft, soothed and hydrated. Carrot seed oil boosts...
Stretch Mark Cream - The Crib

Stretch Mark Cream

Dhs. 52.50 – Dhs. 388.50
Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream DescriptionA nutritive, organic essential oil-infused cream for growing tummies. Erbaviva's Stretch Mark Cream with cocoa butter and sea buckthorn extract actively aids in keeping skin hydrated and...
Refreshing Foot Balm - The Crib

Refreshing Foot Balm

Dhs. 89.25
Erbaviva Refreshing Foot Balm DescriptionWith a warming and beneficial blend of organic essential oils, Erbaviva Refreshing Foot Balm luxuriously soothes while aiding in the release of tension and swelling. Ginger and...